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BBQ Shredded Chicken Recipe July 30, 2010

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This recipe is a family favorite.  It’s one of those recipes, like my chocolate chip cookies, that I am not really sure why it is so popular, but everyone loves it.  I make this for parties and I like it because I can make it most of it a few days ahead and just heat it in a crockpot the day of the event.

  • Make however many beer can chickens you think you need a few days before the party. See the recipe in a previous post. Let them cool so that you can touch them with your fingers.  Then, shred.  This is the pain in the butt part.  It takes time, so I just park myself and the chickens in front of the TV for the duration of the process.  I know some people shred with two forks, I find it easiest for me to just use my fingers (clean ones).  I set the chicken on a large plate and pull off and discard (or munch on) the skin. Then, I just pull off large pieces, like the leg or thigh, and tear them into small pieces.  As you do this, a lot of juice should run off.  Keep this with the shredded chicken bits.  When you are done, put the shredded chicken with the juice in a large plastic bag.  Save the bones for making soup.
  • Like I said, I bake the chickens a few days before the party.  So, I refrigerate the chicken.  Whenever I open the fridge, I rotate the bag.  This moves the chicken juice around.  In a day or two, the juice has been absorbed by the chicken.  This makes for very tender and juicy chicken.  (I also stop here and use this chicken for salad topping, etc.)
  • The day of the party/event, a few hours before serving, line the bottom of a crock pot with your favorite BBQ sauce.  Mine is Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet ‘n Spicy.  Mmmmm.  Place a layer of shredded chicken over the BBQ sauce.  Continue layering sauce and chicken.  Heat on low.  I add a little liquid sometime during the heating process so the BBQ doesn’t burn.  Beer is best, but chicken stock’ll do.
  • Serve the BBQ chicken with onion kaiser rolls, kaiser rolls, or mini corn muffins.  I like to use Jiffy corn muffing mix.  For some reason, when I make the mini muffins, everyone eats them.  When they are larger muffins or in squares hardly anyone does, go figure.

Doobie Brothers/Chicago set list 7/16/2010 July 17, 2010

Doobie Brothers and Chicago Northerly Island Charter One Pavilion Chicago, IL July 16, 2010

GW and I just went to see the Doobie Brothers and Chicago play at Northerly Island in Chicago.  It was a super fantastic show.  Here’s the set list:

Doobie Brothers:


Jesus is just alright

Take me in your arms

(new song-didn’t catch the name)

Working in New Orleans

Back to the chateau

(spaced out here and forgot to write it down)

Don’t start me talkin’

Little bitty pretty one

Black water

China grove

Long train runnin’


Make me smile

So much to give


If you leave me now

Call on me

Old days

Hard habit to break


I’m a man

Just you and me

Saturday in the park

After all that we’ve been through

Feeling stronger everyday

Does anyone really know what time it is?

and the best part-when they had both bands, 16 people, on stage playing together

Rockin’ down the highway

I just wanna be free

Takin’ it to the street

(again spaced out here, would’ve been a Chicago song)

Listen to the music

25 or 6 to 4