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Beer Can Chicken Recipe March 1, 2010

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Beer Can Chicken

Even though this looks somewhat barbaric and always elicits a laugh or two from GW (plus multiple butt/can jokes) this is really the tastiest way to roast a chicken. They also say that it is healthier because the excess oil drains to the bottom of the pan, but if you snack on the wings and the crispy skin aren’t all health benefits moot?  Basically, all you do is season a chicken, stick it on a can half full of beer (hopefully you drank the other half, did you learn nothing from Julia Child and Justin Wilson?), and bake it at 350 for an hour or hour and 20 minutes or so, until it reads about 160 degrees in the leg.  The trick is getting the super hot half can of beer out of the thing (and no, I don’t drink that half, though..maybe….hmmmm)

I usually season the chicken, including the cavity, with a generous amount of salt, coarse ground black pepper, and garlic powder.  I also put fresh garlic slices and sage under the skin.