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Christmas Cookie Gifts December 19, 2009

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Christmas Cookie Gifts

Christmas Cookie Gifts

One of my favorite gifts to give and of course to receive is food.  For the holidays I give out hundreds of cookies.  This year DR gave me a very elegant box with four kinds of biscotti; lemon pistachio, chocolate chocolate chip, almond coffee, and my favorite, cinnamon pecan.  I would like to say that I savored them slowly but…I gobbled the first four upon receipt and ate the other four soon thereafter.  Yummmy!

Christmas Biscotti Gift

Christmas Biscotti Gift

When I give out cookies, I try to use containers that I have recycled. I wrap coffee and oatmeal containers in wrapping paper.  I have affixed old cutout Christmas cards onto takeout containers.  I also buy some holiday bags and put a small assortment of cookies in them.  I’m never sure if they’re food safe or not so I usually put them in a ziplock first.  It also helps to keep them fresh.

Christmas Cookie Gifts


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