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Kolacz Weselny – Polish Wedding Cake December 12, 2009

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Kolacz Weselny – Polish Wedding Cake

For most , Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with family and friends.  For me, it is the time for forcing experimental desserts upon them.  JE always brings several lovely pies, so, even if I totally screw up my dessert, there will still be delicious sweets to consume as well as something to laugh at (my failed dessert!).  Past failures include a Frango Mint Cheesecake that I threw upside down on the table in an attempt to get it out of the pan. Last year I made cream puffs shaped like turkeys.  The hard part, making turkey shaped puffs, turned out to be easy.  The plan was to fill them with chocolate whipped cream.  I decided to add some alcohol. I think it may have been Bailey’s or Kahlua; because, what is more fun than chocolate whipped cream except chocolate whipped cream with alcohol?  So, the cream didn’t set and the poor turkeys were drowning in brown soup (alcoholic brown soup).

This year I made Polish Wedding Cake.  It is a sweet soft bread filled with sweet cheese. This was my first attempt at a decorated bread.  I braided three ropes together and wound two rows around the edge of the cake.  Then, I made the “turkey” in parts and placed it on the cake by brushing on milk as a glue.  I noticed that the accents that seemed distinct before baking seemed to meld together as it cooked.  As far as the taste, it was good.  I would make it again as a breakfast/brunch bread, but not as a celebration cake.  I thought it might have been improved by adding a layer of fruit, maybe a strawberry preserve or cherry pie filling.  One note on construction, I found that the two layers surrounding the cheese needed to be pinched together so the cheese would not escape (sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale).


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